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Ferrari 355 GTS Replica ~ Unique one of a kind

Original car is a Toyota MR2.
The other Ferrari replicas in the UK have 4 cylinders, either an oftem troublesome turbo or the standard 2.0 4 cylinder engine, this doesn't really sound the business!
This Ferrari replica has a V6 3.0ltr engine recently installed by Paul Woods and is the first 355 Replica in the UK to get the V6 treatment!
This is a stock 3ltr V6 mid engine sports car and would be very easy to turbo or mod further if you wanted.

Bad points:
Alloy wheels could do with a polish maybe get the alloys polished ready for the summer, one alloy needs a slight scuff repair.
Front bumper needs a re-spray as it has a scratch

So this car was bought in August 2006 by with 12 months MOT and has rarely been on the road since.
Previously over 20k was invested in her, originally a 1997 MR2 T-Bar import, I paid 500 top get it up to Scotland and since then;

I have invested over 200 in all original badges all round the car.
50 for replacement 355 dials (Speedo/revs etc) which have a red backlight
900 number plate
2500 for a professional engine conversion so the 2.0 ltr engine removed and a 3.0 litre V6 was installed. November 2006.
350 for stainless steel magnex exhaust. November 2006
200 stereo installed with connector for full ipod charge/control. November 2006

Now she sounds, looks and actually moves like a supercar.
The roof is a T-Bar so the glass roof panels come off and go behind the seats, put the windows down and enjoy those summer days!
Interior cream/black leather.

3vz-fe 3.0 V6 engine swap included;
Engine degreased
Gearbox degreased and painted
Cam belts changed
Timing Belt changed
All engine fluids changed
Head gaskets changed
New clutch
New flywheel
Engine bay was sprayed red.

Insurance is very cheap on these, it goes on a special insurance policy as its a replica so fully comp is around 300, you do NOT gain/get or lose no claims on these policies.
After the V6 was installed the insurance went up 46 for the year. This car could easily be your daily runner.
If you try and insure a normal V6 3.0ltr and you could well pay 000's more per year, this car gets a special insurance policy so can save you money every year.

Other info:
This car sits very low!!
Always kept in a garage under cover.

A fraction of the price of the real deal with none of the servicing costs and the advantage of being a daily driver if you so wish.

No canvassers.


More new pics

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