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Lamborghini Countach Replica
Type: Mirage - Built by Mirage

This Countach replica was originally built by Mirage for a customer 13 years ago.
I took a long time to find the right replica as I believe Mirage to be one of the best, unfortunately I am moving away so won't get to enjoy her in the summer as I had planned, my loss is your gain.


Lambo CountachBlue LamborghiniCountach being transportedCountach Replica Car

There really is no experience quite like seeing this car come down your road and sit outside your kitchen window!
The above pictures were taken at the end of last year when I purchased the car, I haven't done anything to her, she does need a little work ready for the summer which I had planned to do.

The engine has recently been changed for a fully reconditioned engine with a hotwire injection system.
Reconditioned gearbox also fitted with new clutch and bearings.

There are the usual few stone chips, on the passenger side there are a couple of scratches from when the previous owner changed the engine slight rubbing on the rear arch

It would be relatively easy and cheap to repair.

If you'd like to hear the V8 in her click here

As I said the engine/gearbox have just recently been fitted, the engine could therefore do with being tuned.
Other points to note:
Original Lamborghini dials, however the speedo needle has fallen off so needs opening up and put back.

Air conditioning system:
I have been told on good authority that these cars need their air con in the summer as the windows only screw down about an inch just like the original!
The previous owner has spent over 1500 buying a top of the range Vintage air conditioning system, all that is needed to finish this install is to connect up the pipework and charge the unit, the centre console also needs to be altered to accommodate the switches which are there, just needs fitting in. Instructions and pipes are included.

Passenger door is automatic, there is a switch below the dash to open and close the door auotomatically.
Car is fully rain proof
New pacet electric fans on both radiators
Dual battery conversion
Twin fuel tanks
Reconditoned steering rack fitted
Brand new brake master cylinder
Tyres are like new

There is a folder to go with the car with a list of major parts & receipts.
MOT's - most MOt's since new are included, this car has only done around 15k miles since new.

The car is 13 years old and the interior/leather is a bit grubby, it could do with being reconditioned in my opinion.
Cat1 Alarm fitted which you will need for your insurance company.

The car has been correctly registered as a Mirage and has the electronic MOT, this is VERY important, you can run into a lot of trouble if they car is not properly registered

The car was featured in Which Kit - if you have wanted one of these for as long as I have you probably read the article!
I have a copy of the magazine that will be included with the car

Lamborghini Countach Replica - Blue - Mirage



More new pics

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